Wellness Services

We believe that true well-being encompasses the full spectrum of your health. Explore cutting-edge technologies that provide invaluable insights into your overall health. Our dedicated team, including an on-staff nutritionist, is here to guide you towards achieving your fitness goals, while our advanced medical diagnostics services delve into crucial factors like hormones and metabolism. In partnership with our sister company, Ageless Living™, discover a variety of skin tightening treatments and medical esthetics that can enhance your natural beauty.

Body Health

We prioritize your overall well-being, looking beyond individual symptoms or disease states. Our state-of-the-art equipment, including the anti-oxidant hand scanner and ultrasound body matrix, is designed to help you achieve optimal health and proactively prevent disease. With our team of highly trained healthcare providers and our affiliated sister company, Ageless Living™, we offer a unique facility aimed at discovering your best self. Experience the benefits of our cryochamber, hyperbaric oxygen chamber, IV therapy, infrared sauna, and meditation machines, all tailored to promote faster healing, disease prevention, and weight loss.

Fitness and Nutrition

Our dedicated team of on-staff nutritionists and coaches is readily available to support you in reaching your fitness goals. Whether you require personalized meal plans or a boost of motivation, we are here to provide the guidance you need. We believe in a holistic approach to fulfilling your total health needs, offering a wide range of high-quality supplements, vitamins, and nourishing foods that fuel your body's metabolism, enabling it to achieve optimal health.

Medical Diagnostics

We offer cutting-edge medical diagnostic testing to assess your hormone and metabolism levels. Our comprehensive range of tests includes saliva testing, dried urine metabolite testing, adrenal function evaluation, and blood analysis for food allergens. We also have on-site laboratories for specialty bio-identical hormone testing and veterinary medicine. Enjoy the convenience of our Saturday lab services and free delivery. Rest assured, our highly skilled team possesses advanced training in hormone restoration, veterinary medicine, weight loss and management (including the HCG diet), and age management certifications

Skin and Beauty

With a focus on comprehensive care for your skin, we prioritize its well-being by harmonizing hormones and effectively managing the aging process. Through collaboration with expert physicians and skin practitioners at Ageless Living™, we have developed evidence-based skin protocols in our cutting-edge laboratories. Our medical esthetics spas offer a range of services, including botox, juvederm, microneedling, chemical peels, Hydrafacial MD, and stem-cell and platelet-rich plasma skin injections. Discover our locally sourced organic skincare products, designed to enhance the health of your skin.